Saturday, June 13, 2015


In the long hiatus from this blog I've kind of came across two "sticky" concepts that might be worth sharing.

The first, I don't really have a name for yet but it's something like.  "Even if you feel something isn't permanent it's usually best to continue on as if it is".  So, an example might be if you feel a friendship is kind of wavering and a great part of you wants to avoid being hurt by being the one that kills it.  In that case it might be best to just carry on as normal and see what happens.  If that makes sense.  Getting that down on paper worded like that makes it sound a bit like common sense but I know I can't be the only one to be terrorised by the spectre of impermanence.  I think I've just come to understand the phrase "cheer up, it may never happen."

The second is a little cheesy in the way most of my ideas are.  There are two parts, or even three.  Here it goes, a mind should be wielded, a wielded mind must cut and and a wielded mind must cut until it meets steel.  This one's probably more of a reflection of my personality really, like once you take something seriously (wielding your mind in this case).  Let's say you get geared up for your job, you've decided to kick ass or at least do your best well, you have to cleave work, change it, cut it.  You need to make your mark on it.

And the final part, acting like this you will either cut forever (I'm sure some people manage this some degree as nobody is willing to stand in their way) or you meet steel.  Something that stops you in your tracks.  And that's the end of the cycle really.

Just two morsels from the kitchen of my mind.  In other news I've been reading quite a cool book called Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, it's a great follow up from Down and Out in Paris and London as it shows that the modern kitchen hasn't changed so much from that in Orwell's days.  Also full of hot tips on when to order fish!  Not so useful to a Vegetarian like myself but still interesting reading, highly recommended.

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