Monday, June 1, 2015

Fire Walk With Me

Watched the Twin Peaks prequel, Fire Walk With Me last night.  Really glad I didn't see it before watching Twin Peaks as it would have completely ruined one of the major plot points but it fit nicely into Twin Peaks itself.

As David Lynch films go it wouldn't be my favourites but it was good to see all the characters again, before things got really weird and it had some nice moments.  Like that thing with the surveillance camera.

It's a little strange writing on here after so long, it hardly feels the same at all.  Sadly I don't have much of a story to share from what happened because that is all depressingly private but I can tell you that I had the experience of the past repeating itself but not being quite the same.  In fact, that past repeated itself and was decidedly better.

Recently I've been to Canada three times, Hong Kong once, I've made close friends from different corners of the earth.  I've felt exhausted, vilified and chosen.  Heartbroken and rejuvenated.  I've moved to an amazing apartment.  I've become addicted to nicotine and dipped my toes into the waters of alcoholism.  I've drawn it all back behind my eyes so well that I've forgotten who I ever was.

Things have been good.  Feel kind of like a man that finally pulls his trousers up after a decade of waddling and wondering why everyone else was move so much faster than him.  But the only certain thing now is that I'm going to have to do it all over again.

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