Sunday, August 23, 2015


I have resolved to get back into writing, get into game making, get into anything creative.  I need it, I realise, need it worse than I even thought before.

I always thought writing was something I would have to work very hard to hold onto, that the light might go out if I didn't find time every weekend to get some words down.  That it was a weight on me.

It's not so, writing, or anything creative really but for me it's writing, is a link to a greater power.  It's a link to a sustaining force that we don't just want in our lives, we need it.  For a long time I sought it in work, love, other people but those things we have little control over when it comes down to it.  They can be solving all our problems one moment and then casting us into a chasm the next.

Something creative is a key to an enduring force.  And really, more than anything it will get you through, which is one of the best things you can say about anything really.  It's something we return to as a refugee, time and time again.

There's something really reassuring about that.

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