Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Humble Beginnings

Christ on a bike, talk about auspicious beginnings.  No year in living memory started with such tumultuous change for me.

I assumed that spacing out the job move and the apartment move was good science, that doing both at the same time was usually a bit much.  In practice however, it hasn't really worked out that chilled at all.

But that's because of complications, things that needed to be sorted.  It was never quite so complicated for me to extract myself from a residence before and boy am I drained by the experience.  I'm left speeding into this year and stumbling ever so slightly, my feet not quite so firmly placed on the ground.

And that's fine, I started a lot of years with promises of change, great battle cries.  This time it's been action with no fanfare, and I have little to say on the matter.

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