Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Tower Is

So somebody somewhere was wondering exactly what my half finished novel titled Tower is about.  Since it makes up half of this blog's title I suppose it's worth explaining.  Synopsis go!


Solitary, on the battlements of a tall tower he looks down on the night city.  He picks out the various points of light, the greatest among them is the earth bound sun known as the Great Generator.  MC knows it well because it was of his design.

There were other projects too, a ruby statue that captured the humble grandeur of the Empress and perhaps greatest of all, MC's Colossus.  An impossibly powerful weapon of war which was now hidden somewhere deep underneath the earth by the Government.

Instead of pride at his work, MC realizes his tower and all his works now imprison him.  While he still can MC must return to the city and undo what he has done, hoping to find himself again in the ruins of his past.

He discovers however, that some things can never be undone.


And that's it.  I'll finish it one day!

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