Sunday, March 27, 2011

Won't Stop. Can't Stop.

Alright.  I gave in.  After the countless hours I spent working on my first novel it didn't seem right to just throw it away.

I'm on novel three now and  while my focuses have moved on that doesn't mean my first work doesn't deserve my respect.  Sure there are problems with it, it's got deep flaws and I'd be first to admit that.  However, people have enjoyed it and it contains a lot of love from yours truly.  I hope that my newer works will be more successful but I doubt they will ever be as pure.

It was a novel written in the most turbulent time I've ever lived through.  The Fantasy was barely more than an incarnation of my own frustrations and ambitions.  So hell, it's on Kindle now and that's the book cover I've designed.

So if you are reading this and like books, maybe you could buy it?  Please?  Or don't, what do I care.  What would be really good is if you could review it maybe?  Or show it to somebody who might be interested in it?

In any case, onwards!  This Winter can't go on forever...

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