Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee Blog Notes

Change of tactic. I have a few minutes before running into work now, not enough time to start writing another chapter of my novel but perhaps enough time to throw something together for my blog.

It's funny, I always thought at the back of my mind how effective it would be to write at a coffee shop but there was always something so cliche about it that put me off. I imagined the people who worked there laughing at me and my little samsung netbook. “Haha”, they would say, “that's a funny looking mac.”

So I started just picking up coffee to go a few times on the weekend, feeling it out and seeing what other patrons did. Of course there is often another person in here with a laptop browsing the net or what have you. It was only after a week of scouting it out that I took in my netbook, picked a corner table and sat down for some writing.

I don't know how I ever did it at home now. The time is perfect, early before work, there's the best and freshest coffee available and especially there is a bit of life in here. Like most cliche it's so common because it's easy but that's what writing should be. It should just be a case of wandering in here every morning and cranking out a few pages, let the difficulty arise in the construction of the story, not in attempting to force myself to write.

I feel this is a little breakthrough, another step towards being where I want to be. It also means I turn up at work perked up and caffeinated so it seems everybody wins. It also seems reasonably economical, circa three euro for around fifteen hundred words isn't too bad. That means an average novel would come out at two hundred euro. And that's a price I'm willing to pay.

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