Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Question of Marketing

It's hilarous really. How many years ago was it when I first attempted to get a book published. Just about two I think. It feels like an eternity.

Now I'm thinking about that again, I am torn on how to think about my first novel. I hate to abandon it, the single greatest thing I have ever finished. I dream sometimes of rewriting the whole thing from start to finish. Maybe one day I will.

It had great ideas in it, I think. Now, I know a lot of fantasy novels have magic as some externalisation, some metaphore for powerful emotion. I think where mine excelled was how the main character had to find singular emotions in himself, how he mixed them. The magic in my book was truly an art, not just something that burst out into the world by some contrivance. It was something the main character had to work hard and something the reader had a very strong understanding of by the end of the novel.

Another idea that the novel had was the idea of this unwilling king. A monarch who found power that he didn't desire through merely chasing his own desire for knowledge.

It was a decent book, really. I can stand by it. Now I'm really unsure of what to do with it, it's on kindle of course but there it's one of five hundred thousand self published books. My cousin recommended trying to find somebody to review it, I suppose I could try. What's the worst that can happen.

But I worry that I am being too sentimental. The single greatest thing I have completed is a failure, that's a hard thing to accept.

It's sold one copy but I would have bought a copy in any case, I'm biased.

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