Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Will Never Give You Ground

The title of this post is from a song I'm listening to as I write this, I wouldn't read too much into it. Or should you? The particular group behind the piece is called Machinae Supremacy and I spent my late teens being inspired by their brand of incredible optimism and positivity. Music doesn't always have to be about sadness, broken hearts and unfathomable longing. Check the lyrics to this song out:


So we're finally united here
at the crossroads of our fears
Now the voice of god is everywhere
in our heads and in our ears

Turn the world into an enemy
and believe in me
I will make you see

I will never grant you ground
remember me and why you all bow down
to a metal forge dominion
Silent in a heart of steel

the voice that speaks so any man can feel
You believe in our dominion

Now the terror is the other we
and their unholy deity
It's time to boost the notoriety
of our great society


Now that's poetry. God knows what was in the song writers mind when he put it to paper but god damn if it doesn't stir something inside me. Listening to it now I feel like I did the first time I listened to it, every time I listened to it. I feel like I'll overcome every obstacle before me with gusto. Good stuff.

Now, onto my original intention for this post. Writing proceeds at a steady pace and my satisfaction from my progress grows in unison. Work is going good places, I can feel it. My personal goals and the goals of my employer seem like they will the same at least in the short term so I am expecting another Sun Burst of productivity on my part any time soon.

All in all, things proceed nicely. I'm looking at the chestnut, the one I picked up almost six months ago. I can't say that I've really grown much beyond what I was then, I still feel a good deal lost and unsettled but I have productivity and I have prospects. The garden has some seeds at last and there is potential in good quantity.

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