Monday, February 14, 2011

A Seedling with Swords

Things are going well, they are going very well indeed. I have now officially upgraded this life of mine to seedling status, still vulnerable but growth is apparent and there's still so much left of it to do.

It was always my desire to bring fencing back into my life and it is slowly happening. I'm fencing at least once every week along with my outdoor training and while I'm very rusty it is quickly coming back to me.

Last weekend even saw me competing at the East Irish Open. I had decided to compete at the last moment, unsure of whether or not I was ready. But after some persuasion from one of the organizers who I met by chance at training last week I gave it a shot and what a shot it turned out to be.

I have a technique, a little mental thing I do at competitions ever since I started doing well. I visualize a rock at the center of an ocean and each of my breathes become a crash of waves upon it. Each wave washes away some stone, infinitely revealing a new skin. I did remarkably well, of course experiencing a little luck along the way. I managed to secure third place and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the competition.

It was also fantastic to support and be supported by new club mates. It's a while since I have experienced that as my old club of DCU washed away to the four corners of the earth a long time ago.

But now, I feel I have a lot of time ahead of me with the sport I love and that makes me very happy indeed.

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