Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post #100

We got there, we did it guys. We crawled our way through one hundred posts worth of life. Now comes the inevitable recap, the retread of the times that brought me here. It's the second hour of 2011 and this is post #100.

I just read back to post #1. Now let me remember, it was 2009 and I was unhappy. I was trapped in a job I felt would go on forever fruitlessly and I had just spent that last few months unsuccessfully searching for a publisher of my first novel. They were, at least comparatively, dark days.

The job issue has since been sorted, I've moved three times since then and have finally found some semblance of professional comfort but of course I was not to find a publisher.

My writing exploits too have run a strange course, heavily effected by my constant movements and the general chaos I have inhabited since that time. Last year I effectively wrote two half novels. The first, Tower, waiting patiently as I try my luck in the world of Mystery-Fiction.

My personal life has suffered too, the decay of the garden has not been reversed by the constant upheaval of the soil it was composed off. Moving around has not given any seeds much chance to settle but this may improve now. My plan for the new year is to get back into fencing and to continue my workout schedule. I'm going to work hard to make things work again.

I have never experienced a year like this before. It began with the chance of a new job in Malahide, a new chance of life but in the end it became much more than that. There was a string of trials that has left me utterly exhausted but also finally able to say that I'm happy about where I am. I can finally see, at least, a future for myself. I can get my writing back on track, I can work on my personal life to get something rolling again as long as I can see a way forward.

And that's what this year has brought me. Not a material gain or any single sweeping victory but it has shown me a way forward which is what I guess I needed most of all.

This morning I looked at some old letters, ones that used to hurt me to even look at. I was almost disappointed, all I felt was embarrassment that I had ever let them hurt me at all.

I will not squander all that 2010 has brought me. 2011 will be a year of hard work and I look forward to it as I never had anything before it.

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