Sunday, November 28, 2010

Major Inconvenience Never Looked Better

The view out side my window today looked like this.

All my plans cancelled, all heaters up to eleven and I've been in siege survival mode ever since. I hate the cold with a vengeance and my new apartment seems to dissipate heat as fast as it's generated. I can't set foot into my bedroom right now without feeling as if I had just wandered into a huge fridge.

It did look nice though. As you can see.

The cold is a test to me, to my new plans. Cold is my enemy, it slows progress and halts change. It is like mud swallowing my boots or thorny weeds around my arms. I have done well to keep up my exercise regime, to remain active. Now is the greatest test though, when it's so cold I can barely drag myself out of bed on time.

So we'll thunder on, I suppose. My plan was to get some writing done this morning but I happened upon the most addictive game I've seen in a while. Download it if you have a few hours that you'd like to evaporate. Derek Yu makes good stuff.

I'll probably get an hour or so of writing in now, if I don't the cold has won. It can never be allowed to win.

Also, here's a thought for the day. Remember the good times but try not to envy yourself then. It was another part of the same road...

I'll stop now, I shouldn't be giving advice I can't follow myself. Stay warm everybody!

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