Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gardens and Seeds

I've been meditating on the idea of Gardens and Seeds lately. Now, the Garden is your life, or more accurately the available resources in your life. It's the energy you have to spend, it's the people you have around you. The garden is your world.

I spent a long time thinking in those terms, friendships factoring as this temporary thing that I would attempt to have endure forever. Vainly attempting to coax life out of what had become a life stealing weed in the center of my Garden.

You focus on the Garden of your life and you decide on what it needs, empty space. Room to grow is very important. It needs source of nourishment, challenge, the list goes on. The point is you look around and see fully grown flowers in full bloom, you see things that you want but think you can't have but you can't focus your efforts on uprooting something and plopping it in the center of your Garden and expect it to be healthy. You need to work on it, you need to create a place that Seeds will grow.

And seeds, well, they're my latest idea. Seeds is something we all come into contact with, it could be an interest in trying something new. Meeting somebody, doing something. But with everything that brings us into contact with something new, there is a seed. Most of these don't grow, are discarded, whatever. The point is, these are the things where what you want will come from, these small things of no immediate worth.

So! Work on the Garden, then the Seeds that fall in will have somewhere to grow and become something great. It's pure logic but the analogy works for me. Work hard on your world, features will add themselves once the soil is right.

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