Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Invisible Truth

It's hard to see the Truth, mostly because it's the thing we live in. It's the hole we are staring out of, the mountain that we're looking down from. The point is, it's invisible to us most of the time.

It takes a mirror. Sometimes these mirrors aren't pleasant but they are invaluable. I came across one such mirror earlier this week, it took the form of a thread on an internet forum. You can read it here but it might require an account.

The story was that a guy had a big idea and wanted everybody to help him make it happen. He had a vision for a community created MMO, a massively multi-player online game. Thing is that usually an MMO takes millions of Euro in resources to even attempt, never mind even complete. It was a pipe dream and his responses varied from brutally honest to completely hilarious. I read it at first with amusement but this quickly turned to horror. I realized I had found a mirror, it was me asking for help. It was me with the big ideas expecting somebody else to make them happen.

All the advice he received was advice for me, all the ridicule he received was ridicule for me. Big ideas are nothing. Now, I realize I have done more than he had, I've completed a novel at least but in the end I'm here expecting somebody to bring me the rest of the way.

What's the lesson? Start small, complete what you start, nothing new. I guess it's just time to accept the truth, there's a lot of work to be done. A life time's worth of work.

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