Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello from Luxembourg, wish I wasn't here

Ah, my time here is almost at an end. As I write this some truly awful music is being projected irresistibly through my wall into my apartment from the shit-hole venue across the street. A month in Arlon has taught me well why it is a town to be avoided at any cost.

There's no life here, apart from the kind you find growing underneath your bath or on month old food you haven't got around to throwing out yet. I was walking through the residential areas today, all I saw was an old woman in her garden with two chickens. There's no children here, no laughter. It's all very children of men, if you've seen the film.

Luxembourg is not too much better, from what I've seen. It's just a commercial hub with no real personality...

That "music" is still hammering against my wall. It sounds like a ten your old hitting some pans while his friend twangs a rubber band. Yeah, but make anything loud enough and I guess the kind of person who lives here will think it's good.

Dublin, I love you. Take me back please. I'll never doubt you again.

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