Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ayn Rand - I Salute You!

Alright, time for part 2 of the "I Salute You!" series. Up next is a person whose work I've only encountered recently but who has made quite a powerful impact on my life. Again, I know a little about her personal life but this isn't about the person, this is about the artist, the writer. I came across this author after I found out the storyline of the recent computer game "Bioshock" was inspired by her work. Let's go.

Weapon of Choice: Ayn Rand goes into any battle having already won it, a believer in human greatness she can not be defeated. From all conflict will emerge the strongest, hence the only thing she truly fears is peace. When pushed into open conflict however she favors economic power and wits, always seeking to outstrip opponents in raw efficiency and vision. Truly, a fighter that operates on a difference scale to most.

Armour: How can you assail a person that believes in something so absolutely, Ayn's aegis is faith in humanity. It is something beyond a religion, no gods, no angels, just the paragon of human ambition and desire. To attack Ayn Rand is to attack humanity itself.

Creed: Ayn Rand is her Creed and her Creed is Ayn Rand, every word she writes is soaked in pure undiluted strength and unwavering belief. The individual will overcome the many, the light of one can not be allowed be extinguished by the weakness of the many.

Ammunition: History is her ammunition, around us we see the almost complete eradication of the Communist societies and the power of capitalism. Even following an immense recession it powers through. Money has proved itself again and again as humanities Saviour from itself.

Special Move: Ayn Rand's power is one of conversion. Like a missionary she falls upon the ignorant and undecided and shows them a superior path. Her faith lights a path to a higher place.

Weakness: I couldn't write such a positive piece without listing at least a single weakness. Of course fanaticism is something that should always be avoided. Though her fervor is to be admired her stories are always one sided in order to deliver her point. Lack of balance is certainly Ayn Rand's weakness but it is required for her great strength to shine.

So that's Ayn Rand. My piece might have read like somebody describing a prophet but that's the only way to describe her. Communism is death, my friends, I believe it.

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