Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've travelled to the other side

I've done little writing in the previous few weeks and there's been little to report on unless you really like page by page recaps of constant study. Yes, I finally got around to taking that Sun Certification exam and I was taking it seriously. I took a chapter a day and yes, I got 75%, it's pretty awesome. I was damn happy with the result but less than happy with the massive head ache I was left with at the end.

The study brought with it a new wave of enthusiasm for technology, I'm making a new Java game now that has just reached critical mass and the design decisions are getting harder and harder... Anyway you don't want to hear about all that boring stuff.

I'm back on track now, I promise. My new writing project is going well and I really need to give Tower some TLC. It's been a difficult book to write so far because I probably made a little bit too personal. I can't go a paragraph without digging up some obfuscated personal truth that I need to spend the next few days galloping after like a fox in the mist. I do not support fox hunting, I just liked the image.

My other project is simpler, probably more fun. It's more based on an abstraction of myself, or to more specific an aspect of myself that doesn't get much attention these days. I'll write more about it once I have more done, although I'd really like to get Tower finished before I dive into it proper. Although perhaps they do form a dichotomy... (Awesome word, isn't it.)

I have walked the path of the super nerd and I have returned victorious but I shall not forget my other goals!

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