Monday, December 7, 2009

A Lost Poem

Caught Mother throwing out some of my old stuff today, among them was an ancient soggy notebook from my old work. Like anything of mine from that era it has a few poems in it, here's one.

Frustration, it's like some dirty word
When unhappy, be unheard.
You frown, so be alone
I will not call you on your phone
Do run, do hide, you do not fit
So find a rock and hide under't
You can not see the life I see now
Your dreams are not the same.
Why should I listen when you are so to blame.

My happiness is fragile
One moment and I could be you.
So keep your distance please
It's worse than any flu or disease
I'm really quite frightened, please
I want to help you but can not
You see, you remember,
What I forgot.

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