Monday, November 16, 2009

Writing a Blurb

I'm going to do a blurb every day until I get it right. Here is tonight's effort.

In the forgotten past, chronicled only in ruined libraries, two ancient spirits maintained balance between the various powers of the Island, both political and elemental. Ultimately however, a great man emerged, becoming the favourite of both spirits. He used their combined gifts to defeat them both in turn, confining them to stones and dooming the world to continue in their absence.

Several life times since; Aster, an erstwhile student of the forbidden art that the man had created stumbles upon one of the stones and come under its irresistible influence.
Now, as a red sky dies above him, Aster takes his place as a pawn in what may be the last game ever played.

I've been researching blurbs and they are deceptively simple. Anyway, leave a comment if it makes you want to read the book! Otherwise my next attempt will be uploaded tomorrow!

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