Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Midst

Well, half way through the only decent writing I've got done for a long time now. I'm back home and have space and peace and quiet. I can also have the television on in the room blaring comedy sitcoms that I already know off by heart playing in the background. (Seems to really help, don't ask me why.) I used to claim to need three things distracting me to be able to relax, perhaps it's true.

Writing is one of these things, it needs the right environment. I can't really claim to understand at the moment what helps me write but all I can do is play it by ear.

And I suppose it's not truly limited to writing, whether it's study or technical work it's always been difficult for me to get into a place where I can do it. I just often feel so unstimulated, sitting there focusing on a single thing which often incorporates consistent patterns and flat presentation. For this reason I find it hard to sit through most films and listen to most music, I think.

Anyway, the point is that this is something I've tried to brute force and it just didn't work. My mind is how it is and I have to learn to deal with its own eccentricities. I think in the end it will work out easier on us both.

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