Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Challenge of Creation

We live in a world where the individual has his hands tied in many ways, films, games and animations are works of multiple hands. They are built of a co-ordinated host, not one mind.

I have attempted to make games before but it is not possible, each part can absorb your entire ability and switching back and forth is impossible without losing quality. I have attempted to make films before but you need actors for a start, or at least somebody to hold the camera.

There is also the synergistic nature of the human mind, a right match up of minds can prove to be beyond the sum of their parts.

But, in the real world it takes resources to get these people together. It needs time, commitment and money. It is something beyond one guy to achieve, at least to start with. The novel doesn't suffer from this problem and I love it for this fact but I don't want to restricted forever. Well, it's at least a place to begin I suppose...

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