Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Lessons from the Chinese Zodiac

I never would have described myself as one interested in the occult but I have mentioned the tarot before, and today I am going to talk about the Chinese Zodiac. Make of it what you will.

Now, the tarot is something I have fun with now and again but I wouldn't go so far as to call it accurate or to have any supernatural power, for me it's a means of thought. A random card applies an external context to a factor of my life that is sometimes very illuminating, but I digress.

The Chinese Zodiac is extremely accurate and I have a large amount of trust in it at this stage. Time and time again its rules have proven themselves true in the interactions I have witnessed in my life, so if you have an interest in that sort of thing I recommend you investigate it.

My animal is the Tiger and my element is Fire, along with everybody else born in the Chinese year of '86. This would mean a lot of things, but one of them is that I deal in bursts of energy. Even when I was a kid I was aware of this, even feeling empathy with the Tyrannosaurus Rex when he was described as being able to attain very fast speeds temporarily while pursueing prey but in general being a pretty slow Dino. That image of a titanic beast hurtling forward as an unstoppable mass of sinew and teeth only to revert to a panting pile of used up Dinosaur really resonated with me.

But I like that, for a while he's something special, for a while he's an ace, a legend.

I feel I'm like that sometimes, wasted from my last great charge, from my last attempt at something. But I am a tiger, and part of being a tiger is being an exhausted lump of fur burnt out from the hunt. Every other creature knows however, that it will not be too long before the hunter is back on form. Until then, there's Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes to vegetate in front of.

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