Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not so far from the Norm

I've always looked down on those hooked to a particular form of entertainment, or mix thereof. I've poo-pooed televisual feasters and pa-paed people who play video games all day, but, am I so much better.

I was once what one might call "addicted" to a little internet based program called IRC. Or internet relay chat. Anywho, this little program let me go online in anoynominity and at worst have some fun messing with peoples heads and at best actually meet some pretty cool people and have night long conversations with them. I became aware of the addiction after a few years however and helped by the fact most of the people I had enjoyed talking to had gone already I was kicked the habit a few years ago.

So, I still chat to a few select people online, I don't really consider that the same thing. What I still do however is spend hour upon hour browsing from website to forum from newgrounds to something awful looking for something to laugh at or be amused by. This is normal right? The thought struck me tonight that it is in fact normal, normal as being hooked on a tv, normal as being dependent on any other quick fix, instantly gratifying form of entertainment. So there you go, I guess I'm not so better after all.

True, I do read the odd book, listen to the occasional piece of classical music but it is actually an effort to pull myself away from the internet. This source of information but, in fairness, mostly a source of quick laughs and distracting content. I've got another habit to kick, and it's going to be tough.

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