Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little More about the New Book

“That’s possible. Maybe he is so convinced of his own superiority no amount of power could appease his ego, and he knows that. He finds himself seeking out alternate paths to fulfillment to other men. He find himself turning from the conventional, and towards the transcendental.”

So, we are moving into the deep end now. Who are these people, I wonder to myself, that I have created. It's certainly less cut and dry than my previous novel. The thread of the story is not contained and controlled as much, I find it is much more centered around the personality of a central character.

But that's quite cool, I think the psychology of the main character in my previous novel was certainly a weakness so this shift to the close third person is really making me work harder on fleshing him out. Before, the first person allowed me to justify decisions internally, if that makes sense. It was the situation that I used primarily to manufacture the story.

The same is still true of course but there is definately a dynamic shift. Also being able to fly over to other characters whenever I like is pretty cool too.

A warning to the potential evil of this method can be found in the the second Nightwatch book, the first book had me hooked on the massive energy of the first person and this was diffused so much by the use of the third person that I was really disappointed. Not to say that it wasn't great in it's own way but I did feel like something exceptional had been reduced to something all too mundane. But we will see!

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