Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breakin' the Writing Barrier

It's 9:15, I'm still yawning and today is the Writer's challenge. I, Eoghan Cregan, will attempt to adhere to a new expectation of output. A grueling marathon of passion fueled finger tapper-y.

First I'm going to sit down here and write out 2,000 words, starting now. No break until those numbers appear. Then after a short break I will write again, another 2,000 words and so on until I reach the holy grail of 10,000 words.

I realise now that output is quite low and it has nothing to do with lack of ideas. Hell I already have my new book essentially all planned out, as long as I keep throwing in new events and characters when my instinct tells me to I should be able to blitz through it. I know how it ends, and I know what the main character will have to do before the end. I think I let a fear of running short put me off, like I'm not sure I'll have enough to fill the book with, but I'm expecting that, just as occured in my previous book, it's actually the "glue" that makes up the meat of a book. You begin with a hand full of plot points, alone they could never fill a book, maybe not even a page. Writing is a process of filling the space between those points, making them real and meaningful and that is something I can do quite fast with minimal error. (And it's not like I was never going to go through it again, revising is also good fun.)

So, wish me luck. Today will be hard going but I will do my best to make it to the other side. Break the writing barrier!

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