Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writing Challenge Results

Well, the results are in ladies and gentlemen.

And, what can I say, the writing challenge was a complete and utter failure. To be fair to myself though, after 2,000 words I hit a major speed bump. Well, less of a speed bump, more of a brick wall.

I ran out of room within my concept, I was really happy with what was there but the "glue" I mentioned in my previous post didn't spread quite as far as I might have expected. Some serious thought needs to be done on my book before I can get into those numbers.

And I guess that is the reality of writing in the end of the day. You can't really measure it in words all the time. A lot of it is planning, thinking. Running through story paths in your head, layering the characters. Deciding whose perspective to give priority to, perhaps elevating a background character to a pseudo protagonist. These are all things running through my head at the moment. Among other things.

I've got through a lot of it today so hopefully I'll have made some solid decisions by tomorrow. We can talk about the next challenge then!

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