Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Should be Writing Now

Well, Okay. I am writing, but I should be doing something constructive.

Over Monday and Tuesday I managed to get a short story done, I was happy with it. Trying hard now to keep the pressure up but to be honest I'm feeling kind of exhausted.

I had a look through my list of ideas, I didn't leap at any today. I might have a look again after this though, if I can keep my eyes open.

I took one look at my novel and I almost died. God knows how I manage to work on that complex work of lunacy. I definitely have no head for it now. Writing is hard and there just isn't enough sugar in my bloodstream right now to get anything serious done.

So, work continues on the finding an agent front. Got another email, it said "keep trying, your chances are good". Which was nice in a way I suppose. They said they weren't handling my type of book right now, which is fair enough.

I've since sent a few really good query letters so I still have to see if they turn up any interest.

As for my short story that's been sent on to craigsworld. I am obsessed with them for the moment. It's a solid story, a bit of sci fi, a bit of horror. It's called "fanatic legion" and has a punch to it. Well, I'll keep writing anyway, I really think I'm improving. You develop a kind of instinct for it, a broader look on a piece. And with greater power of expression comes greater fun, so everybody wins.

Well, if I heard news good or bad I'll jot it down here. So the world in a million years may know the fate of a great late, writing magnate. Have a good evening.

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