Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Allure of Sciencey Shorty Fiction

Oh, it's just so good. Writing science fiction stories is addictive, letting the mind run wild. I have a feeling it's going to remain part of my writing for a long time now. Neat little adventures which explore a particular aspect of something sciencey. Pulling characters out of nowhere and generating worlds around them, it's pretty cool.

As for hopes on getting anything published, I have no idea what the chances are on that. But I'm starting to wonder what the deal with that whole thing is anyway. I mean, I've been waiting for ages for replys, I don't know what else I can do. Write and wait, wait and write. In the mean time, day to day life comes down like a hammer on a rail way spike.

Like some possessed navvie smashing his sledgehammer over my soul. But, well, it will not break, its here to do something, it's going to write, whatever, it's just going to keep trying to make something of itself.

Because you realise this about life, it does wear you down. I feel life and work getting to me, pulling me down. It's harder as you get older, each year going by taking that much potential with them, that much more possibility.

But production is up, quality is high and the drive is growing every moment, every second I am more prepared, more ready to throw myself harder against the wall. I am without means of victory but every day I grow more worthy of it.

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