Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Writing Day

Okay, its Saturday, I slept until 2pm and well, its time to write.

I got my coffee right beside me like a tiny rotund companion and I have a bit of pink Floyd playing quietly. Now is the time and every writing day must start with a visit to my blog.

I'm happy with my new query letter and synopsis, like everything else it was tough to expose to criticism but I have to say it really really helped. I also read through a few previously successful query letters on and I do now have an idea now of what might be more successful. I'm going to send it on agent by agent, doing a bit of research every time.

It has also left me with a much better understanding of what my book is actually composed of. It seems ludicrous that others would be able to see that better than I would but its true. I see everything like its real, like it really happened, for in a way it did for me. It was a natural progression.

It does tell a tale of ambition and lust for power, and the power of patience and a balanced mind. Kind of. Its very hard for me to say. Here is the cover letter I have finished up with, for your reading pleasure.

Dear [Agent]

Redmond is the journey of a young man seeking purpose in a decaying world. It is a fantasy novel of around 100,000 words aimed towards adults and heavily influenced by the work of Sergei Lukyanenko and Frank Herbert.

Aster becomes the unwilling axis upon on which the salvation of a world descending into ruin swings. After coming into possession of the diamond of fate he is hunted by his enemies and exploited by his allies, all the while desperately trying to free himself from the grasp of the diamonds power.

It is a story which explores themes of loss, fear and fulfilling ambitions despite the opposing plans that fate may have in store.

Aster accepts a contract to retrieve that diamond of fate expecting just another worthless artifact, another relic that had gathered meaning over the ages like a tomb gathers dust. He had no idea that it was the home of an ancient Draconian spirit, crippled by its imprisonment inside a lost stone. Now he has become that spirits last chance at fulfilling its purpose, to return balance to a dying world.

A reluctant Aster meets the Red prince, a self made monarch on the path to becoming a god. Aster becomes wrapped up in the politics and emotional battle field of the Red Princes world as he discovers truths that illuminate the diamond of fates purpose and its part to play in a cataclysmic age.

As the Red Princes kingdom is invaded by outside forces Asters ideals and ambitions are threatened by the necessities of war. But, through help from the stone and the sacrifice of the Red Prince, balance is maintained and the diamond of fates plans move one step closer to completion.

Redmond is the first book of a planned series. I can provide the complete manuscript at your request.

I look forward to your reply.


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