Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping the fire burning

Called in sick to work today. I feel half dead.

I'm at this point now, feeling overly stressed, feeling overpowered. My query letter I spent hours on isn't good enough to line a hamsters cage and I generally feel like muck.

So now is a time to analyse. I did rework one of my short stories and submitted it to an online sci fi magazine, a little practice using the shunn manuscript format.
( And I am thinking about this holy grail query letter than I'm going to have another shot at this weekend.

So many different opinions on it on the web. The most successful type is the one that can make a connection with the agency/publisher but I don't know them so I'm relying on talking them over on the books merit. The most difficult part of this is actually expressing what my book is about.

It was the work cafeteria a few months ago. I was asked "What's your book about?". And, though I can express that at length with somebody, I was incapable of summing it up in that context. In the context where I had to justify somebodies interest.

Well, what is it about? A man seeking meaning in his world, consumed by ancient purpose. How about that? Because he is seeking control and finds purpose, which is not what he really wanted but is a doorway to it. Yeah, I'll start from there I guess. Will keep you updated.

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