Saturday, May 30, 2009

Richard Tognetti - In Depth and Musically Ignorant Review

Tonight I went to see this guy in the national concert hall. He did some Corelli, Beethoven and then a load of Tchaikovsky. His encore was a little piece called "Eternal Enigma", which was nice.

So, you're asking me, was it good? Should I put down my one hundred year old chablai, have the maid shoot the dogs, liquidate my portfolio and go down to see it. The answer is probably yes, it was good.

Richard is this kind of guy that loves his music, I could tell from my seat in the fifth row. Single notes carried sublime intonations of thorough emotion and he was often playing while on the tips of his toes or jumping into the air. He maintained a great energy throughout and his performance never once lost my interest.

He also showed me what the violin can do in the right hands. A lot of his sustained notes sent shivers up my spine.

I had never actually been to the NCH before but I will definately be returning. I really enjoyed the set and the venue itself is impeccable, having very comfortable seats and friendly staff. I also found it to be of an optimal size. Big enough to house a large crowd of people but still small enough to maintain an intimacy between the performance and the audience.

So go down there and support the arts today!

-Follow Up-

Actually, it looks like Richy might have been the last interesting performance of the Season. If you are reading this and know where I can check out a similar performance in Dublin please let me know. It's a shame there isn't more.

And no, I have no interest in most of the stuff they have on in NCH. More strings please!

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