Sunday, May 31, 2009

But Wait, There Was More

I didn't just go to see Tognetti yesterday, I also went runabout. Because you see, the sun has come to Dublin. Neglected for so long the city opened up like a flower.

I was inspired to go jogging, and so I did. I wandered up to Drumcondra and then did a lap of the canal. It felt like a diferent country. Of course, people were still rushing everywhere, it was still Ireland but at least I found myself able to just sit down on the grass and look up into the blue sky for a while. Then I saw something amazing. Cygnats!

Apologies for the low quality picture, it was my phone camera.

Everybody who was walking by had to stop and watch the swans for a while. They were pulling up some plants from the bottom of the canal for the cygnats to eat. It was cute. The swans kept diving down to the bottom as swans do and then the little duck like cygnats would swarm the goo they pulled up.

So yesterday I got to leave the country without actualy moving, which was handy! Enjoy your stay in Dublin sun, glad to have you.

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