Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Redemption, Finally

Haha, I lied. One more post.

The piece I wrote for my last class: here.

And a little story. So I was on my way home from work and, basicaly it was the end of an absolute monster of a day. Work was stressful, lunch was spent going from place to place only to find they didn't have what I wanted. Nothing was going my way.

Life felt it was out of rhythm, I was growing more and more unhappy. I was looking for things to blame.

On the way home I passed by a trio of little girls. As I passed by one of them just randomly started singing a song to the other two. "Listen to the bloody music." Is that a song somebody has out? I don't know. She started screaming it louder and louder, filling the park. I felt like she was screaming at me.

Listen to the music. I didn't hear any.

I got home and lay on my bed, feeling horrible. I made toast and walked back to my room, spying the violin case in the corner. I had already decided not to practice because I was feeling so messed up. But, I felt like messing around with it.

Well, some Handel and Bach later I felt changed. I felt soothed in a way nothing else had managed. It really is hard to describe (lazy writing!). I was using an external instrument, and somebody elses poetry to describe my mood. To give voice to my soul. It was nice.

I feel better now. Thanks Violin, thanks music!

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