Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Need Something Explained to Me

Alright, for books there are a few different markets. Let's go through a few of them.

We have fiction. Stories about stuff that could possibly have happened. People like mysteries, people like things that could possibly happen to them. I get that.

Fantasy/Science Fiction. Stories which incorporate fantastical elements. People like being exposed to new worlds, challenging their imaginations. People like escaping from reality. I get that.

Skipping non-fiction we go straight to these self help books that seem to be taking over the whole world. There are so many of these things, I remember reading about one particular author who produced ten of these in as many years. Who has that much good advice to give? To me this whole phenomenon is really highly suspect. I've read one or two of these and they all seem to boil down to same few things.

And I have some personal experience in this, so I can tell you, and the world. You can't learn these things from books. But okay, maybe that's not what they are trying to do. They enjoy reading this stuff. The same way we can whip ourselves into a frenzy over a new life that we are suddenly going to live. The same way we can throw ourselves into momentary delusion.

These are the facts. This is not good for you. I'm not saying you can't be that person who you see yourself being. I'm not saying that at all, but it won't come overnight. And it won't come from a book. You have to find your own way. You have to make your own mistakes, and you have to keep trying.

These books are like drugs, they agitate part of our egos. They remind me of those preachers in America who get the wheel chair bound to stand, only causing more damage in the long run. They should be banned.

Or, I could write one. Call it "It doesn't come from a Book." And make a packet. I might have to give that one serious consideration. But I'd be writing for a market I don't believe should exist. That said if you'd be interested in publishing this book let me know. Anyway.

Live in the real world, live in fantasy but for the love of god live. Don't keep telling yourself you should be a different way, you are what you are. Look more where you are going to, less where you are. Because the only person who can look in the mirror and not see something they don't like is blind.


  1. totally right!
    nice point Mr. Cregan.

  2. by the way, your new email address.
    (the) creganator...
    sounds like (the) terminator...

  3. finally, good job.
    kriegsland works...

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