Sunday, July 13, 2014

Delivery Systems for Talent

I've recently been getting into a bit of a Matter Berry Overload.  It started by my discovery of his latest album Kill the Wolf which I legitimately think is amazing.  Opium was good but felt more like a comedy album and Witchhazel had some excellent moments but was a little inconsistent but Kill the Wold is a world beater and I've listened to it a little a too much lately.  Devil Inside Me, Solstice, so many great tracks and that of course brought me back onto Snuff Box, a show I hadn't watched in a long time so was due another run through.

Snuff Box is so front loaded, the first episode hits you with wave upon wave of energy and originality making those thirty minutes feel like a sort of mini film.  It then hits a cool stride, building on the framework laid down and following an absurd plot where Matt Berry proceeds to steal all of Fulcher's numerous and glamorous girlfriends.

It's got me thinking though, about the written word.  That an article I read during the week that espoused the opinion that had many literary journals had a way to determine if people were actually reading them most would not have continued to be published.  These markets might have just existed in wealthy benefactors heads and there was no way at the time to prove them right or wrong.  Sure, people bought them but maybe they read one or two articles threw the rest away.  I'm not sure what the scenario is, the point is.  I'd like to be a writer, I'd like to get people reading my stuff, how do I make that happen.

The track the fits best still in my mind is novels because while its extremely difficult to become published if I did somehow achieve that goal it would open a longer term path.  Success with short stories and message boards, even if I did somehow achieve it probably wouldn't lead anywhere significant.

But there are of course other forms of writing.  Screen Plays are very popular of course maybe even more so than novels, Text Adventure games can actually get some following though very limited of course.  Radio Plays, that's something that my mind wandered onto yesterday.  In a time of podcasts and such is there room for a radio play.  I can do some pretty pretty amusing voices, all I'd need would be some software and soft effects.  What about, a kindle enabled text adventure.  That's a new one I've just had now.

In any case my point is that Matt Berry is a magnificent bastard.  His (albeit significant) talents lie in Comedy and Music, two premier Delivery Systems of our time.  And there is a very valid question, when is the last time that the written word thrilled me.  When is the last time the written word did something, anything at all for me.

My last major thrill?  The closing sentence of the Great Gatsby.  A book written by a man born one hundred and ten years before I was.  What am I even reading right now?  I'll tell you, Legion of the Damned by Sven Hassel.  Published 1953.

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