Sunday, June 1, 2014

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

I recently reread an old text on weight loss titled Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.  It's something I hadn't read in most of a decade so it was almost like reading it again for the first time. The material has this nice way of having a great deal of depth while still being extremely accessible to people like myself.

Eight or so years ago it was one among a number of training resources that I read through in search of the answer to having a better body. I based my weight training at the time, aiming characteristically a little too high, on the westside program but it was the principles in BTFFTM that I was counting on for weight loss. It had contained inside of it that dream of all lazy people, burning loads of calories while sitting inert on a couch.  Lots of fun weight lifting and less boring cardio.

All that time ago I merely glanced through it but this time I read it in depth both jogging my memory and learning some new things entirely. For example, I somehow missed the section of fats last time and realised suddenly that I'm completely missing them from my vegetarian diet in anything but saturated form. That's the issue with a vegetarian diet, we don't get to turn to fish and automatically get loaded up in omega-3. So I grabbed a bottle of flaxseed oil.

Quick note on the flaxseed oil, I genuinely feel it's had a positive effect on my mood. It wasn't listed in BTFFTM as a benefit so I went looking elsewhere and yes, it does seem like lack of omega-3 can be a cause of depression, who knew!  I'll definitely keep taking my tablespoon of it every morning.

Ultimately BTFFTM does enter a realm of extreme workouts and very complicated meal design but the principles and excellent way they're described and backed up makes it recommended reading for anybody interested in their health in any way.  

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