Saturday, March 29, 2014

Working on the Rail Road

Ever feel like you're being guided into something.  It's not quite against your will but it's like your will is absent and you've been given this single direction to go in.  It seems like the only choices are to stay still or move in a direction that's being offered to you.

It's not much of a choice, especially when you know that once you start down that track there won't be any stopping for quite a while.  It's the question of what is real freedom, how much choice is allowed to us in our lives.

I watched Into the Wild last night, a film about a guy who went out on his own.  He basically lives like a bum in the film and has lots of great adventures and makes lots of really deep connections with people.  As usual these days I had trouble simplifying the film into a single point but what I took away from it was that running isn't really an option.  Well, it is an option but in the end it just takes us away from what's really important.

The character in the story ends up alone and though when he's strong he's happy, finding that he could survive the wilds gives him a rush I suppose.  Things go sour on the food front and then things get worse from there.  Maybe he realises somewhere that there isn't too much for him in the wilderness alone and like any passion taken too far he locked himself away from everybody around him.

I guess, he could have returned after that realisation and been a different person.  Maybe he could have listened to anybody along the way who offered him advice but I guess there is a sense to film that he wasn't really looking for anything out in the wilds but to escape himself and who he was.

How does all that relate to being rail roaded?  Well, I guess my current thinking is that we all need a track but you might be best off playing the game and building your own over time rather than walking the rough road.

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