Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This Must be the Place

It's funny how we persist with patterns. Though our locations, jobs, responsibilities and so on can change we revert to our most basic modus operandi over time. Sometimes this can be unpleasant as we return to habits that are in some way self destructive but more often times I find it's reassuring. These patterns and activities form our core, the thing we can always have to fall back to. Not dependent on how well off we are or where we are in our lives, just on who we are.

For me the big constant that I've returned to again and again since beginning was writing, nothing makes me feel the same way and I always return to it, finding some project to work on. It's amusing at the same time because I have experienced failure in writing to an extent I haven't seen elsewhere but it's funny, any success I see, no matter how tiny becomes so ridiculously magnified that it eclipses all else I've ever achieved.

Recently, it was just somebody saying they enjoyed my book. And that sentence set flame to countless rejection letters, deleted all the zeroes I've had to endure. That's enough at this stage to stick at it for another novel.

And what a novel it will be!

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