Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deponia - Great Fun

Despite being a big fan of adventure games it's actually a really long time since I've got through one in its entirety.  Usually this was the result of having a puzzle that took so long to figure out that my interest waned or me giving into internet guides and ruining said puzzle for myself.

I've just finished one however, the puzzles were pretty great and I never had to look up a guide online.  Not only that, it had an excellent story and was pretty funny.  I would actually say that it's on par with the third monkey Island game.  (Especially considering that games considerably weaker second half.)

Anyway, the games name is Deponia.  It's German, and as such a little quirky and there's even an untranslated subtitle in there but really the localization is pretty close to perfect, the art is beautiful and the logic wonderfully twisted.  It's hard to go into too much detail without ruining a puzzle and they are all worthy of your brain power.  It even has a few more traditional "brain teasers" like jigsaw puzzles and so on, completely skippable of course (I skipped them all) but I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate their inclusion.

The story is very interesting, introducing you to a really well realized world full of junk and the interesting characters that live among it.  The main character is this sort of immature anti-hero and the characters around him reflect that, the cranky ex, the sarky rivals and dopey authority figures.  The love interest a girl with a re-programmable brain, enough said really.  It all fits into this guys world though and I really enjoyed the journey, recommended to anybody who enjoys the monkey island series.

Given how un-monkey Island the new double fine adventure seems (though it could still surprise us!) it's great to see something worthy of carrying on its legacy.

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