Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leaving Work

It's always surreal, that last day of work. Doing what's you've done for almost two years just one last time, speaking to people you may or may not ever meet again and just a general uneasiness.

Answering a question from somebody on my team, knowing I'll never see the result of my advice. Seeing a new issue raised or comment on a ticket and wondering how my replacement will deal with it. Well, they're other people's problems now, part of other people's lives.

Me, I'm unemployed for a week so I'm going to Barcelona for a few days. Leaving work has been like finishing up exams, a lot of build up to nothing but I am well used to that now, I've learned to just enjoy your time as much as you can. Not to worry so much about “landmarks” in ones life as they tend to be misleading.

I was ready for this step for a long time but only get to take it now, another opportunity to get things right. I'm sincerely happy that the step has been put into action, now all that remains to see is where my foot lands.

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