Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Legs are on Fire

I've written about the wonders of bootcamp multiple times on this blog. I attended a large number of sessions over the last two years and have experienced an interesting side effect. Allow me to explain.

I wanted to attend a boot camp session the week before last which I mistakenly believed was being held in Pembroke Hockey Club (it turned out to be at the Cricket Club, a few miles down the road instead), I arrived to find no fellow boot-campers, no grumpy instructors or indeed any other symptom of a pending boot camp class. It was too late to make the Cricket Club on time so, I did something that I thought at least might make up for missing the Boot Camp session a little. I went for a run.

I've never been a runner, even at boot camp I might make a single lap of the field, maybe, before my lungs would dry up and I would promptly begin wishing for death. So I didn't expect much from my impromptu run. A full five kilometres later I start to realize something had changed. The very rules that my body had up until that point imposed on me had been modified, running was now allowed.

Indeed, I've been running every second day since then as an alternative to my walks. I put on some music, load up Endomondo, a workout tracking application for my phone, and away I go. I can do it any time I feel like it, I enjoy it and it feels great.

The point I want to make here is that I believe Boot Camp got me to this point and it provided the structure and expertise to receive the conditioning I needed. So I'd like to publicly plug their organization, if you're an athletic person trapped in the body of a fat lazy git give them a call.

Otherwise I plan to keep running and I'll probably write a bit more about it down the line, it's so exciting, I've never had a new sport to drone on about on here before.