Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moderately Adventurous - Query Letter

It is done. After putting off the act for what eventually turned into months I have sent out a wave of Query Letters for Moderately Adventurous. I feel relief from having finally perpetrated the act, it's done.

Now the wait, but even that is far more bearable than the feeling that another week had gone by without me even trying. We'll see how things go and in the mean time I can prepare my next project with some piece of mind. I'll give agencies two months to take an interest, after that it goes straight to Amazon Kindle and I'll try to organize whatever publicity I can.

So, the next project. I have a few ideas that have been waiting on my attention and now it's time to seriously consider each one in turn. I have to say I found writing non-fantasy interesting, operating with the many constraints of “reality” meant the story was forced down real world avenues always in some way close to my heart. Where a sequence in Redmond Reunion found me describing an oddity grasped somewhere in my imagination Moderately Adventurous had me reliving some part of my life or thinking of some mostly forgotten feature of my past.

For me, Redmond: Reunion was a book about me, purely about me. The world, people, places, everything a reflection of myself. Even the colour red, reflected on every surface in that world, a reflection of myself on myself.

Moderately Adventurous wasn't about me so much as it was about my world, the things I've seen and interacted with. My failures and faults of perception alongside the glimpses of real beauty purely external to anything I've ever nurtured within. It's a book about a human landing in an alien world really, finding himself exploring wonders far beyond himself that any native would find mundane.

The missing link between these is Tower. Still unfinished. I read it in it's entirety one day in Starbucks and it's, well, brilliant (yet again I was humbled by my own work) but deeply confused. The main character has infinite opportunity, genius and resources but is utterly chained to specific parts of his world. He pursues friendship and the destruction of his past, desiring to move on but ultimately, only new creations can free him, no matter how much he thinks he can change the past it stands unchanging, part of him now.

I really hope I find an agent this time but I'll continue writing in any case. With or without the Golden Yachts of Success.

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