Saturday, February 18, 2012

Novel Completion

It's a fallacy to say a novel can be finished, it's far too large a thing to ever consider done. You can only say that it matches your expectation as a writer, that it achieves what you had wanted it to.

Can I say that about my latest novel, yes. Certainly. I am extremely happy with it. There are endless things I'd expand or add, rewrite and take away but right now it's got the content that I wanted it to have.

So it's at this point that I finalize some form of query letter and start trying to interest an agent. My query letter is included below, it's something that has itself gone through a number of revisions and at this point contains the content I wanted with at least some level of readability.

So, the dice will soon be thrown. I tend to obsess over the fact that this is my second time, people only told me how much they loved my first novel but in the end nobody showed it any interest. There are reasons, in the realm of macro-economics, why my previous attempt was doomed to failure from the beginning but it doesn't stop me from feeling a bruise there, in my ego.

But I will try again, of course. And if you're an agent reading this you should certainly consider the wealth and glory that will no doubt accompany any partnership with yours truly. As my brother would tell you, it's all golden yachts from here on in.

-- Query Letter --
Dear Agent

My novel, Moderately adventurous is a work of fiction set in contemporary Dublin, Ireland. The story is focused on the relationship of the protagonist, the highly awkward Dirk Voigt, with those around him as he attempts to fulfil the duties of an Acquisitor for the NDCTA.

The NDCTA, or National Department for the Control of Taxable Artefacts tasks him with hunting down Irish artefacts which are then ensconced deep within a converted wartime bunker. On a series of escapades he carries out his duties honestly, applying an adhesive salve composed of both persistence and best intentions as he tackles perturbed pub owners, melancholic musicians and the romantic approval of the German Special Forces member of his dreams.

Despite his better sense, Dirk is at certainly by his own admission at the very least, moderately adventurous.

I've attached a short synopsis and the first ten pages for your perusal. Please contact me if you would be interested in discussing the possibility of your representation.

Best regards,

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