Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is Super Dog

Hey, it's me, Super Dog. Hey, how you doin'? Welcome to the internet guy.

You good?

Right, well Eoghan can't be here right now you see. He gave me a tenner to post for him, gave me a message to give to you all, everybody reading this.

"Even the web crawlers, since they're where all your hits come from?" I asked upon receiving his orders. "ESPECIALLY, the web crawlers!" he said and returned to feverishly writing a ten page love letter to himself.

Well, somebody out there bought his book on kindle following a week of free promotion. Some punters seemed to not check their basket and ended up paying for the thing, talk about a waste of memory AND money. I'm waiting for the refunds to roll in personally.

Anyway, books currently sold for real money numbers 7. Well done Eoghan from all Super Dogs everywhere, may your book's sales one day pay for the electricity your laptop consumed while writing it.

Oh, and happy new year. Woof!

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