Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

Well, I'm in insomnia today. The coffee isn't quite as nice as starbucks, it's roasting hot and I'm right beside a big buzzing drinks cooler. It's easy to see why the place is empty while I couldn't find a single free table in the former.

I was walking around Dublin 4 on my way here, doing a little circuit that took me through the park before I commenced writing. Something unpleasant struck me, I'm living in suburbia. It reminded me so vividly of Birmingham, that bothered me greatly.

I suppose it's one of those days today, there is something oppressive in the air. I'm sure people all over the world have that niggling feeling that something is wrong or out of place.

Well, I'm being negative, I'll write about something else besides my own personal demons for a change. I'm left wondering now what to write about.

It's not like I'm not working on other things, my new application idea or indeed my latest massive novel. I don't only write about myself, I suppose it's just when I think of my blog I feel about writing about myself. There's little I'm more qualified to write about.

I was thinking about one thing and it was about Irish writing culture and how completely invisible it is to me. Perhaps there is more I could do to seek it out, it's not necessarily inspiration I'd seek but I suppose general support. I've never met somebody my age who aspired to be a writer though I know I can't be the only one.

I have heard of some small independent publications and internet forums and such but I am surprised that there is nothing as simple as a society or club I could join. There is the Irish Writers Centre here but that's a commercial endeavour. They aim to provide courses for people which I don't knock the value of but ultimately do not provide a sense of community that I would like to find amongst others.

Perhaps it's an idea to consider, or perhaps there is such a society around here somewhere and I'm just not looking hard enough.

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