Sunday, July 11, 2010

05/01/2009 22:54

It was born in an instant. My sallow skin tearing on the scorched white of my sides. My sickly grimace fuelling a crumbling descent. I tapped a hollow vessel and the echo drove me to tears. I was empty now. I had been so strong, I had survived the storm. But it has taken everything with it.

In my veins I feel a weary pulse. My blood meanders through choice-less currents, it goes only where it has to. It may as well be cold, blue, frozen. It may as well be still. The toxic substance squirts through my body, pushing me on. A sad carcass shocked into reaction. I may stagger upwards, I may even walk. But it is not my will that puts me here.

My mind is still somewhere else, sheltering itself from the horror. It still lives in greens fields and looks into blue eyes. But it has surrounded itself with dust and shadow and grows blackened with the taint of past. I know, the illusion will break. I hope it that it will not take my mind with it.

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