Friday, June 4, 2010


So my mind finally turns to the less glamorous side of writing.

Actually, no, it's not less glamorous. It's just less idealistic I suppose but it's not even that. I guess it's not as fun as writing novels and yet it kind of is.

Let's face it, selling work is hard. Out of everything I've ever done in the world of writing, from reading out my work to strangers, to having my work critiqued, the hardest has been writing blurbs. The hardest part has been writing those little ten line long introductions to your book. That's stupid isn't it?

I'm not that experienced but I have almost two complete novels under my belt now. I would have expected that sort of thing to be child's play, even too easy for me to bother with. So there you go, this must be my tenth post on this particular subject and I've never really found anything else nearly as difficult.

To your top right is my latest attempt and you'll notice I've changed tactics slightly. Gone are my attempts to encapsulate the entire mythology of the book, that definitely wasn't working. Gone is my attempt to introduce every single character. I've gone with two, a guy and a girl because I've realised something. When they say that sex sells they don't just mean in bed, it also includes love interests, female friends etc.

The human brain just naturally finds this interesting, don't ask me why. It reminds me of this time I saw two tourists who had obviously just met talking at a bus stop. If it had been two guys talking about what the Guinness was like nobody would have looked twice but because it was a guy and girl and they were awkward as hell everybody was looking and smiling like it was the most beautiful scene in the world.

And it kind of was, I'm just not sure why. Anyway, for that reason it's good to have that kind of energy when you want somebody to read something. Well, I'll report back if it works.

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