Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's do an Update

This blog was supposed to be about my journey as a writer so it's about time I did a proper update on it. Where am I?

Well, I haven't given up just yet of course. The thing about novels is that they aren't something you can bang out in a weekend. My first book took two years to finish and wasn't particularly long, the second took about a year to get to half-way mark where it was temporarily parked in favor of a new project that emerged from out of the blue.

It wasn't too long after I had finished that writing class and I was still in my short story phase. Well, I was getting into a groove with one in particular and it passed the ten thousand word mark before I knew it. Where Redmond was my revolutionary take on the Fantasy Genre and Tower was my stab at a modern day Epic Moderately Adventurous lies somewhere between the two. It's primary influence is probably Catcher in the Rye but it's really nothing like it in composition.

The point is that it's about a guy working for a secret government agency in Dublin where the guy gets wrapped up with long legged women and violent shady characters but it's all in good fun and the main character is a bit of a loser but he doesn't really care. It's a story I think that could do well with the Irish audience. But I suppose we'll have to see.

I've taken this week off work to have yet another go at rewriting Redmond and to send out another wave of publisher payloads. My excuse for failure is that last time I tried looking for an agent/publisher it was the middle of a recession and I was but a bright-eyed naive fool.

Well, we are still trucking on this side, one year on. How about you?

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