Saturday, June 26, 2010

Damn These Unproductive Daze(s)

In the computer world you can't move memory and use it at the same times, right? You can't run operations on something without moving it into a location where you use it, don't ask me the details because I'm too drunk to describe them properly but believe me it's true.

And is it the same with writing, can I process a thought and write about it at the same time? Can I ponder the mysteries that I wish to explore as I describe them, as I express them. That sounds impossible, thinking in logical terms.

So are these unproductive days so bad? The days spent sitting catatonic on couches watching comedy DVDs and hopelessly searching for a mindless computer game that can hold my attention for longer than it takes to download and install. I have ideas on these days, well, not even quite ideas but I can feel something jumble around inside my mind, things move into new positions, new perspectives are assumed and spent in those mindless moments where I wish I was able to work on my novel or even do anything constructive at all.

For example, I was watching Falling Down today. I enjoy that film, I really do, some things about it annoy me but overall I like its message. It's a story about man fixated on the past, trying to use force to bring back his self perceived golden age. He ends up becoming the bad guy of his story, that's it isn't it. Fighting reality makes us the bad guy.

And then I was watching my comedy DVD, The Armando Ianucci Shows. He had a particular sketch that said everybody is pretty much the same, just with different knowledge and that we are all just basically twats using that knowledge to gain advantage. I liked that.

There is more, things that occurred while I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling that I can't even remember right now. Well, in summation.

A moment lived in rationality and good faith is never a moment wasted. Even though you might not physically produce anything something is moving beneath the surface, something that will show itself when you find yourself in a position to process it.

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