Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something Unmoving Beneath the Sand

I often feel that the most moving and well, disorienting moments in life are those when we find a person who shares our views or ideas. Actually, more than that, we connect to them on a fundamental level. The things that we wracked our minds over in our youth for example.

I was always a thinker, not so much a reader or a learner but a thinker. This is the space that writers live in, it is an empty dark ignorant space that only becomes filled by extrapolations and correlations that are perceived through the mind of a thinker.

To learn without a teacher is dangerous and it leads to weird places, I'll admit. I used to walk forever, winding down passages in my mind, question, answer, question, answer. And I discovered things, of course, but found myself in an odd position. How could I direct somebody else down these paths, I didn't remember the way. Thinkers are lonely people.

So it's special when we find a commonality with another. When we see the knowledge that we thought was unsharable, and perhaps unique to us. When somebody else expresses it, in the same manner we hold it, with the same reverence for something that you paid so much for.

Well, I got that feeling today when I read this paper. The last time before that was with my erstwhile violin teacher, there was no time before that...

How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later

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